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Zambian Police Officers Banned By Law From Marrying Foreigners


The law has been long-established by officers n Zambia has lately enforced it citing national security.

In an internal memo ordered by inspector general of police Kakoma Kanganja it is said Zambian police cannot marry foreigners.

Officials said more and more police officers are now getting married to foreigners.

Police spokeswoman Esther Katongo said, “What prompted us to say that officers should not marry foreigners is because there are officers who are breaching the law.”

She added further security issues are delicate and the country cannot just sit and watch the police officers marrying women from foreign countries.

Kanganja said all the officers need to declare within one week about their marriages.

Meanwhile, Human Rights Commission said the law is discriminatory amid globalization and hope the police will review the new order.

Zambia is a stable country and peaceful too. It became independent in 1964 from the rule of United Kingdom and the first inaugural president was prime minister Kenneth Kaunda. He was in power until 1991 when the country began a period of social-economic growth and government decentralization. The World Bank declared Zambia as one of the world’s fastest economically reformed countries in 2010.