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Why You Should Never Beg In Job Interview


Never beg for a job as this works as a signal to the interviewer that you don’t have confident in your abilities.

Some of the managers look for such fearful job-seekers as the candidate can be kept under his or her thumb.

Some interviewers test self-esteem and may ask a question like “What’s your greatest weakness?” In fact this is not a question about weaknesses and it is not either related to self-awareness.

One who is self-aware would ask “Why would I presume that I deserve to know a job applicant’s weaknesses, if indeed they have weaknesses at all?”

It is to note here that those managers who ask such questions to test self awareness of the candidate are the least self-aware people.

People who are healthy don’t focus on their weaknesses. Such individuals focus on their strengths.

Here are five worst things one can say in an interview and these five means different ways of begging. It reveals just desperation and nothing else to get the job.

Remember, for a good manager desperation is worst reasons to hire you.

Below are some of the worst things to ask interviewers in a job:

1. How many other candidates are you interviewing for this job?

2. If you hire me, I’ll work really hard. I’ll work nights and weekends — whatever you want!

3. How did I do in the interview? (or “Do you see any reason not to hire me?”)

4. I’ll take the job at a low salary — just give me a chance!

5. Why don’t I do a project for you right now, for free, so you can see what I’m capable of?