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Why India’s Rishikesh Stays Ahead In Yoga Teachers Training


It is well said that “do yoga and be happy.” Yoga has magical results and meditation is an added advantage to it. Both help in leading a happy life in the fast moving and busy world. This is the reason why yoga teacher training in India includes meditation too.

Both Yoga as well as meditation have roots in India and have been practiced here for years. The two together helps in getting good physical fitness, mental health and also intellectual development.

The yoga and meditation courses are offered in many places in India such Rishikesh and Kerala. Most of the authentic institutions giving the teaching of both are certified by the Yoga Alliance USA and Yoga Alliance International. They issues certificates too after the completion of the courses.

The yoga ashrams here run courses ranging from seminars of few days to up to three years. It is suggested for the fresher to first begin with the shorter courses such as the 35 hours teacher training course or 50 hours teacher training course to help in understanding the basics of yoga and then in becoming better instructor, followed by becoming an experienced yoga teacher.

The yoga teacher training courses in India helps in the follow ways:

• The yoga and meditation courses help in deepening the knowledge of teaching postures with advanced techniques.
• It helps in practicing several transformational teaching methodologies, class designs and even approaches in teaching to students.
• The courses in many institutes also cover knowledge of kinesiology apart from physiology part.
• Safety concerns for the students are also taught to help students practice yoga without any hindrance.
• The courses help in teaching in groups and in individual too with equal attention to everyone. This is required for a good teacher.