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Why French reacts like 1944?


Last weeks attacks in Paris has led  France to never be the quite the same again, French prime minister Manuel Valls was witnessed saying about the difference in France post the attack made in France by the extreme Islamist.

French  citizens came out in the streets holding banners in their hand, on Sunday in Paris for the support of the victim quoting the words – “now what.”

In the year 1944 the France  got liberation from the Nazi’s of Germany since then, the French countrymen hasn’t faced any insecurity. The recent Islamic militants attack has caused Peoples to under the solitary and emotions, civilians  thoughts goes back to the memory lane of the past struggling years of 1944, where people had to join hands   against the Nazi’s of Germany. This year  again,  mass of civilians came out in the streets, to support the seventeen killed victims, 1.5 million people had joined the group, after  seventeen  French non militants were killed.

French people poured onto the streets of Paris to mourn for killed people. crowds of 3.7 French people stopped using the slogan called “Proud to be French.” People from across the country joined the group from varieties of political groups, ethnic and religious part.

Now  there lays the toughest  challenging task for the  president Francois of Hollande, who once called France to be on its best side, for Hollande  challenges will be  to maintain the stability of security , judicial, social with  economic problems.

Catholic Daily La Croix was found stating a warning, for its countrymen saying that, the sense of unity among the people of French is totally a fragile belief, soon  there will be collision among  French people,  finally added by saying their remains no sense of repeating the phrase “unity among the French people”. If the phrase really mattered then why the attacks were made among the same countrymen. The cracks emerged in the Monday mornings.


Still the condition is gradual, no  inference has been  made by the governments of the Algerians roots of the Kouachi brothers or Amedy Coulibaly deli killer of the African origin, the critics sees the killer as the ethically  relevant to what they see as an overdue immigration debate.

Ex-president of France and a leader of the conservative opposition, standing just behind the president François Hollande told that immigration cannot be compared to terrorism but, it matters  for the for the cause.