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Why Digital Music Era Killing Industry Revenue (Part I)


Shakespeare said, “If music be the food of love, play on.’ This should be true and if you are a music lover, you can play it anytime and anywhere.

In this era of technology and digital music, listening to your favorite songs has become easiest thing on earth, but let us find out some of the good and bad phases of it.

Good – Music is now made available to anyone who has got a smartphone or a computer. Listening is anytime and anywhere.

Bad – Most of the free streaming services compresses the audio level of the music files and this worsen the sonic quality, missing a good chunk of the content. It makes the sound harsh and distorted.

Good – These days there are tons of high-quality headphones and ear-buds available that helps in listening to music with comfort and without blasting any person who is standing or seated beside.

Bad – Even though the gadget manufacturing companies claim the ear-buds and high-quality headphones are not harmful to ears, but a data reveals listening to music for about 75 minutes a day on an Mp3 player at 120 decibels, which is equal to full volume, one can result with permanent hearing damage.

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