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Why And How To Save Money At Young Age (Part II)


Why And How To Save Money At Young Age (Part I)

Build credit

Try to build up your credit score as this will help you when you apply for loan for buying a house or a car. If you don’t have a credit score, start building and create a good credit history. You can do so by opening a secured credit card or credit-builder loan.

Credit score will increase if you keep your level of revolving debt to the lowest and pay your bills on time. These will help and you may be rewarded too.

Save for retirement

In your younger age saving for retirement may not be urgent need, but it is important and you should start now. It will be a long runway to retirement and the wealth accumulation will be much more than believed when you retire. The more time you give to your saving, the more you reap at retirement. If you are working, don’t say no to the employer-sponsored retirement plans.


These financial habits seem normal, but establishing it is tough for many. So it is suggested to start implementing and at retirement you will be much happier than your friends and colleagues.

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