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What’s In Store By Lady Gaga At Super Bowl 51 Halftime Show


Are you ready for the Super Bowl LI halftime show? Lady Gaga will again expected to showcase something extremely different outfit or performance. Her infamous meat dress is still fresh in our memory. Same with her outrageous green dress too that comprised of the disembodied heads of Kermit the Frog. Any guess what’s in store tomorrow, February 5?

Lady Gaga will be one primary reason to watch the Super Bowl 51 on Sunday, and particularly the halftime show. She is handling the show this year. Other reasons too will be tuned in.

It is doubtless the singer is famous for her outlandish sense of fashion and in fact really knows how to put on a show apart from her singing performance.

Last year she sang national anthem and her grotesque blood-colored glitter eyeshadow had stolen the show. It was a patriotic wardrobe and makeup too.

As of now the rumors surrounding her halftime show performance has been already swirling. She will surely be making it the biggest ever and of course most unforgettable in history.

It is learned too this is the most expensive halftime show the NFL has ever produced – $10 million.

Earlier Lady Gaga said her sister had suggested to perform from the roof of NRG Stadium.

Lady Gaga was born as Stefani Germanotta in New York and attended NYU. She had initially performed in New York City’s Lower East Side and moved to Los Angeles to record her first album – The Fame. She has the credit of unparalleled stage performance in the entertainment industry.