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The cause of illiteracy


Disruption has been raised among the Syrian children, surrounded by the  continuing conflict in the west Asian country, UNICEF was found expressing entanglement  over  the those affected children’s in the Syria and west Asian countries 

The trespassers have recently brought, unrest in the school’s education of the primary and secondary school,this  event reasoned the UNICEF had to terminate the on-going school’s education in the parts of Syria which has stunted the  educational growth of almost 670,000 school children’s.

The problems faced by the Syrian school children is being viewed as the  barrier to school access, plus it has turned the school  children’s of Syria, to pay terrible  price, for attaining education, Hanna who is the Syrian UNICEF  ideal, made the same statements for the favor of educational advancement, of the Syrian children.

 other than Hanna news agency officials met the singer Xinhua who supported children’s rights for the access of students, she said that ” education of the children must  not be stopped ever,rather we should try helping the children for the cause of any hindrance,as education brings  means of stability in students, inter relation of routine she further added that no matter what asset the students are belonging and no matter where live, they should have right to education”.

  68 attacks has been made on the school across Syria which has injured several children’s physically,  and mentally making them unprepared to join the school with such example of rough behaviors, parents fear to let their children get into the school for the purpose of their children’s security. 

 For the protection of children, schools and other civilian infrastructure the UNICEF reprises its opinion to uphold their responsibility.

Statistics of children’s without school has reached to 30 million , aggression on the school has induced  great threat for the future children’s  admission in the schools , throughout the world 120 million students takes a walk from the school.Due to various reason like collision among the religious communities, collision among countries due to land lock.The quandary continues to be same in Ukraine where parents face threat of security for giving education to their children in Russia 290 schools were forced to be closed.