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Ukraine To Be Backed Up With American Anti-Tank Missiles


Ukraine will be adding some anti-tank weapons to its defense capacity to defend sovereignty and territorial integrity. The US State Department announced Friday of helping the country by providing such lethal weapons to the country with aim to fortiy the former Soviet republic military as it fights separatists backed by Russia.

Since 2014 over 10,000 people have been killed in eastern Ukraine following frequent rolling of tanks and the country has long sought to boost defenses against such tanks.

The new lethal weapons from US include American-made Javelin anti-tank missiles. Earlier the country was provided with support equipment and training to fight against such violence.

The move may escalate tensions between the US and Russia.

Former US President Barack Obama too considered sending such weapons to Ukraine during his tenure.

Ukraine President said, “Vladimir Putin has chosen war instead of peace in Ukraine. So long as he makes this choice, the United States and the Free World should give Ukraine what it needs to fight back.”

In February 2015 the pro-Russian rebels launched missiles from the Donetsk region in eastern Ukrainian city of Gorlivka, from a Grad launch vehicle positioned toward the Ukrainian forces in Debaltseve,