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UC Berkeley Develops Android App To Measure Earthquake


UC Berkeley scientists have developed an app for Android smartphones that can detect earthquake. Dubbed as MyShake, the application is hoped to capture shared impulse in a massive science experiment.

The developer says with the use of smartphones it is possible to detect earthquakes by installing the MyShake app, which released today on the Google Play Store.

The new app turns the phone into a background quake-detector. It scans the accelerometer data in real time and thereafter forwards rumblings, if detected, which fit the profile of seismic activity.

MyShake takes the advantage of accelerometers of smartphones and distinguish distinct profile of an earthquake from usual jostling of daily life.

To make the app work properly the scientists say smartphone should be placed on a flat surface and should also be away from bumps and shakes of human body.

It is also said at least 300 phones are required networked with the app in a given 12,000 square-kilometer region to conclude.

According to a doctoral student who worked on the app, Qingkai Kong, the real advantage of the app is the density of the stations and so if more phones are networked in one region, it helps more.