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Uber Pulls Driverless Cars From California Roads


Finally the state wins and Uber loses. The ride-hailing company has pulled its autonomous cars from the streets of California following the move of state regulators to revoke the registrations.

A week long talks between the two parties failed. Uber earlier launched its self-driving cars in hometown of San Francisco and Department of Motor Vehicles threatened to take legal action against it if the testing of such vehicles is not stopped.

According to the department, Uber too need the same special permit from them as about twenty other companies have to test driverless technology in the state.

Uber on the other hand said it does not need such permit as its vehicles are not sophisticated enough to drive themselves continuously even though the cars are tagged as self-driving in promotional materials.

The department claims registrations of such vehicles of Uber were not marked properly as test vehicles.

The department also added to have called Uber to seek a permit to operate legally in the state similar to other companies.

Earlier today Uber announced to be pulling the driverless cars from California saying, “We have stopped our self-driving pilot in California as the DMW has revoked the registrations for our self-driving cars.”