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Two Dozens Arrested After Donald Trump’s Speech


More than twenty people were arrested today in a Donald Trump rally as protesters created havoc. The huge crowds dispersed late evening and no major injuries have been reported.

The Republican presidential front-runner addressed to the people inside Pacific Amphitheater. Most of the protesters were peaceful during the speech but they went rowdy at the end and took to the streets.

Dozens of cars were stuck in the street. Demonstrators in hundred blocked the road widely and waved Mexican flags. One of the Trump supporters were seen with bloodied face while trying to drive out of the area. Couple of protesters tried spraying graffiti on a police car and the marquee of the venue. One man even jumped on a police car smashing the front and rear windows.

Police were on horseback and riot gear to push back the crow without using any force. Police helicopters were seen circling overhead.

Three hours after the end of the speech the crowd started dispersing.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the protesters even were able to shut down the entrance of 55 freeway along Newport Boulevard in Costa Mesa at one point.

Raising voice Trump’s lack of engagement on gender equality and women’s rights about half-a-dozen women gathered outside the amphitheater wearing no shirts and Bernie Sanders stickers over their breasts.

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