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Twitter Is A Media Company? Job Description Reveals


Lately it has been much debated whether Facebook and Twitter are paving way to become a media company in the wake of discovery that fake news helped Donald Trump to win the US presidency election on November 8.

Let’s take a look to Twitter social media now and cross checking its careers page carefully it is revealed three posts are vacant for editors and one for an associate producer for online video.

In the job description space the social platform writes editors need to work on the Periscope video product of the company and it is looking for an experienced multi-lingual media junkie.

Twitter further adds in the job description space the qualified producer candidates need to know how to get a show on air and also how to keep it there.

In recent past Twitter has been learned hiring editors and also testing breaking news push notifications.

The real-time nature of Twitter makes the platform much looked for breaking news. The live video feature lately is adding much value to it and paving a good path for it to fully embrace its media company side.

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