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Tourism Guide: Why To Visit Homes County In Ohio


Homes County Ohio is in the section of the state. It is generally an area of beautiful farms on rolling hills. It is home to such lovely small towns with names that include Charm, Sugar Creek, Apple Creek and Mt. Hope. The largest town is name Millersburg and one of the most visited towns is Berlin.

For those of you that have never heard of the area it is also the heart of the Amish country in Ohio and that is what makes Holmes County a very special place to visit. It is the largest settlement of Amish people in the world and it is a place to take a step back, unwind and view a different way of life.

Follow the winding country roads and you will see many an Amish buggy as they go about their daily life. You will pass their pristine white homes and farms. You can always tell which homes are owned by the Amish as there are no electrical wires leading to the home and the homes are normally painted white and are the exteriors are very clean, basic and uncluttered. You will often see Purple Martin birdhouses erected in the yards and see the buggy parked in the driveway. There are clotheslines on which they have hung their freshly washed clothing. Amish women always wear plain long dresses and the men are often in jeans and their familiar black coats. Both men and women wear hats whenever they are out in public. Women wear no makeup and jewelry and men have full beards. The Amish country side is a peaceful and serene place that is lovely no matter what season of the year you visit.

Berlin, Ohio is a central tourist location within the county. In Berlin there are many quaint shops, restaurants, motels and museums. The Amish are known for their quality built furniture and there are many furniture shops located in the area in which to pick out the perfect piece for your home. Some furniture stores are located right on the individual farms where they are made and you can spend hours or even a day or two just looking at the vast array of furniture for sale. There are also homemade cheeses, baked goods and home grown produce.

The Amish are a friendly yet private people. They are helpful and polite. They do not want their faces photographed and you should always respect their privacy. On our many visits to the Amish country we have made many friends and have learned much about their way of life. It is a life that most of us could not embrace but it gives one an appreciation for their hard work and dedication to their religion and culture.

If you get a chance stop and visit the Amish Country and Holmes County. You will be very glad you did!