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Tory MPs Want Theresa May To Stay As British PM Until Brexit Completion


The big question has been raised in United Kingdom’s politics whether Prime Minister Theresa May should stay back on her chair or step down amid the Brexit process.

Almost all the Tory MPs agree May should remain the PM of Britain, at least until 2019 when the Brexit process is finally completed.

The MPs put forward the view that a leadership contest now would risk splitting the party. Even those who agitated in recent past to depose May now says she must stay back until 2019.

In the Brexit process all the European Union member states are trying to get as much money out of Britain as possible and no British government would want this happen.

Even the May government would like to agree on an exit bill only with some guarantees from the EU member states on the nature of their relationship in future.

Meanwhile, Britain has lately claimed to be creating about 400,000 jobs post-EU trade deals with other countries.

According to Change Britain, withdrawing from European Union bloc the country would be free to negotiate deals with countries like United States, Canada, China, India, Japan, Korea and some of the trading blocs in South East Asia and South America.

The pro-Brexit campaign group added the deals would bring about 23 billion pound export boost as well as 387,580 jobs to the country.