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Top Tips How To Reignite Broken Relationship (Part II)


Top Tips How To Reignite Broken Relationship (Part I)

Get intimate

Often relationships come through sex. When sex goes, it is seen relationship also goes. Remember, relationships rely on physical intimacy. So being intimate can reignite relationship once again. Sex will definitely bring you both together again.

Stop texting

Take note that major conversations should take in person and not through texting. Conflict will come if you have trouble saying things in-person. Try giving pen written letter and make yourself present physically to avoid miscommunication in real time.

Thoughtful gifts

Flowers work great. Send a bunch or bouquet to your partner and it will surprise her or him. You can also grab movie tickets or to some sporting event.

Apologize even if you are not wrong

Apologizing works great. Apologize to your partner even if you are not wrong.

Ask this yourself

What do you need from me? What is it that you need from your partner? Is this what you are looking into relationship? These questions are common but will help you to find the real answers.

These tips work but fellow readers want to something more and so put your views too in the below comment box.