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Top Tips How To Reignite Broken Relationship (Part I)


Before you call your relationship a quite here are some tips to follow and fuel up the dying flame. This guide is proven and will help you in reigniting your relationship with your partner.

Take a vacation

Try to take-out some time for your partner and this will help in finding the real problem in relationship. Visit a gorgeous place together and you will find the relationship has improved. Visiting a hill station or a beach is highly suggested.

Ask one question

The best thing to do is to ask “What do you need from me.” It is learned the question is effective. This stops you from defending or explaining yourself and can pave the way of understanding better. This tip work and try implementing to repair your broken relationship.


Therapy often works. With this you can learn new and some incredibly useful tools that may be a help in re-building up your relationship.

Take some space

The much-needed time for oneself sometimes disappears completely in relationship and when you both have kids. Try to take-out some time to be alone to your best self. Talk to your partner that when you have some time alone, it is much healthier for you and to concentrate on good relationship without initiating any fight.

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