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Top 4 Popular Twitter Apps



TweetCaster consistently rates high in Twitter app selections, and it’s especially popular for Android users. The app features a pretty basic interface and speedy tweeting capabilities. The company claims to have more features than any other Twitter app and so far, we haven’t found a reason to argue that point. It’s optimized for smartphones and tablets and also includes a really smart search function for finding tweets fast

Other notable features include smart lists, internal photo effects and voice-activated tweets. Over here we really love the zip it function, which lets you silence any notoriously annoying tweeters from your timeline without having to unfollow them.


Plume is always awesome since start. Earlier it was known as Touiteur and it lets you “colorize” your timeline and offers support for multiple accounts. You can mute specific users and customize just about everything straight from your smartphone.


We’re still a little tongue-tied over the name on this one, but once you get over the app’s strange moniker, we think you’ll be pleased with its tweeting capabilities. Aside from doing all of the things you can normally do in Twitter straight from your desktop browser, Echofon lets you churn out tweets at lightning speed.

Like the aforementioned Twitter apps, this one also features push notifications to keep you on top of all your incoming messages, mentions, follows and favorite tweets. Additionally, Echofon gives true Twitter-junkies the option of managing multiple accounts at once.


While Tweetbot for iPhone was good enough in itself, the app’s native iPad client is enough to set any Twitter-lover’s heart aflutter. The full-featured app packs a serious punch with its detailed interface, sounds and animation — and maybe this makes no difference to you, but its logo is really cute. Anyway, think of this as the best Twitter app for iPhone turned even better.

Tweetbot for iPad lets you seamlessly switch between multiple timelines, and it makes sure those native push notifications come through right on time. The app also offers support for other popular services like Instapaper, Readability, Pocket, CloudApp and Droplr.