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Tomb With Mummies Found In Egypt


An ancient tomb has been unveiled at the Draa Abul Nagaa necropolis near Luxor in southern Egypt and it contains mummies, sarcophagi, pots, statuettes and other artifacts.

The tomb belongs to Amenemhat and his wife Amenhotep and is 3500-year-old.

Amenemhat means the god “Amen Is In The Forefront” and Amenhotep is usually a man’s name but references in the tomb indicates she was lady of the house, said Mostafa Al-Waziri, who led the team.

Waziri added entrance of the tomb was uncovered in the courtyard of another tomb and led to a squared chamber where partly damaged sandstone of Amenemhat and his wife stands. A little statue of probably their son stands in between their legs.

It is learned the tomb probably was reused between the 22nd and 21st dynasties as sarcophagi and the owners belong to the 18th dynasty of the country.

The team found two burial shafts and is believe to have been dug for the mummies of Amernemhat and Amenhotep. Mummies, sarcophagi and funerary masks carved in wood were found too.

Archaeologists uncovered statuettes of the goldsmith and his wife along with mummies of a women and her two adult children in a burial shaft in the courtyard.

Until now in the year several more tombs and statues were found from other places of Egypt.