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Tips To Shoot Good Videos With iPhone, iPad


Smartphone has made photography simple and one of the main equipment while you are on a travel trip or vacation. With the advancement of technology you can even edit the video on the go and make movies out of a trip, which is quite impressive. Many among us do not know how to do all these. Here are few tips how to shoot some really great videos with your iPhone or iPad.

Choosing the right kit is an important issue. A proper smartphone is one of the essential equipment. Other necessary accessories and apps should be smartphone friendly, and should adjust properly with the specific smartphone. In any case to avoid such hustle right now iPhone 6 is the best option.

Even though the latest iPhone has got all the features to shoot a good video, one should also carry some accessories. Various types of clip-on lenses are able to enhance the colour and add various angles to the footage. Olloclip’s wide-angle and macro lenses are small and easy to slot onto the iPhone. One can also opt the Manfrotto’s new Klyp case, which has a range of screw-in lenses, including a polarizer which enhances blue skies.

Carrying a tripod is a good idea, as this will help to stabilize the video, without causing much problem to the videographer. Manfrotto has a great little tripod which is called the Pixi, which is very easy to handle and can be carried into a backpack unnoticed. Another option is Joby Gorilla Pod which has got endlessly-bendable legs.