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Tips For Working Towards Forgiveness In 2018


Forgiveness, like weight loss, requires several steps. Here are some of the proven tips for achieving forgiveness:

Have appropriate expectations

If you go into a forgiveness process expecting it to a challenging, daily effort that requires a lot of time, you will not be disappointed. Remembering the pain that you felt is hard; be patient with yourself as you work through it.

Be aware of your triggers

If you were hurt at a specific time of year, or in a certain place, be aware that if you are exposed to those things again, it may trigger unpleasant feelings. In these cases, you may have to work double hard on forgiveness to get you through those tough moments.

Don’t discount resources or exercises which can be helpful

Some good resources include quotations from related websites that offers suggestions and forgiveness journal. There are also forgiveness workshops and online classes for forgiveness. Remember, there is no wrong way to go about forgiveness. Keep an open mind and find your own path.

If you choose to take the resolution path less traveled for 2017, and work on forgiveness, you may find a new, stronger you by the time 2018 rolls around.