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Things To Know About “Next Taylor Swift” – Grace VanderWaal


The American singer, songwriter and ukuleleist from Suffern, New York, Grace Avery VanderWaal was crowned winner of the America’s Got Talent (AGT) in season 2016 for her immense talent that was in fact noticed by her parents when she was just four.

AGT critical talent judge called her “the next Taylor Swift” and so here it is high time to discuss about this fast-moving new talent.

Grace VanderWaal’s Childhood

The “next Taylor Swift” was born on 15 January 2004 in Kansas City metropolitan area and started writing songs at the age of four apart from learning plano. She learned ukulele by herself using YouTube tutorials and played saxophone in her school’s marching and concert bands. She was encouraged by her parents to play open mics at local cafes.

Grace VanderWaal’s YouTube Channel

The YouTube channel of VanderWaal is simple and delightful. She has garnered about 3.9 million views in one of the videos of Elle King’s “Ex’s and Oh’s” and her version of “Frosty the Snowman” is a must-watch there as it rivals the classic.

Her America’s Got Talent

VanderWaal originally wanted to audition for American Idol, but the age bar there was fifteen or older. One day her mother signed up for her to America’s Got Talent, and the audition was next weekend, which was of course a hit. She sang an original song.

Edible Charm, Friends Clueless

In an interview to The Journal News the pre-teen said most of her social circle didn’t know her musical side. She added almost all of her schoolmates didn’t know she could even sing.