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There’s No Cure For Alcohol Hangover: Study


If you drink too much and don’t like the hangovers, it is sad to know that science believes there’s no cure for it. The only cure left now is to have less boozing.

In one of the studies about two years ago in Canada involving over 700 students with a questionnaire over their drinking level, timeframe of consumption and also severity of hangover it was found only 79 people said didn’t had hangovers.

The estimated Blood Alcohol Concentration of all the subjects were calculated whether they had hangovers of didn’t. It was found those who didn’t experience hangovers had blood alcohol level of less than 0.10 percent.

Joris Verster from Utrecht University was the lead author of the study and he said more hangovers come with more drinking.

A different study meanwhile tried finding whether drinking water or eating food after drinking reduces the hangovers and it was revealed there were no difference attempting to lower the hangovers. Hence it is claimed there is no cure to hangovers.

The study found 54.4 percent of the students consumed food after drinking alcohol, but still the severity of hangover was not very different.

There were very slight statistical improvement, but it cannot be counted as a meaningful difference.

Verster said the only cure to hangover is to drink less alcohol.