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The Supermoon Will Be More Super Monday Morning


This week its worth looking up at the moon as the full version of it is bigger and brighter than what we have been watching since 1948 although it may be not noticed easily with naked eyes about how much more super is the ‘supermoon’ now.

At 3:22 a.m. PT Monday the lunar disk would be closest to the earth and by 5:52 a.m. it will reach its peak to full phase. It is said the moon will look 14 percent wider compared to when it is farthest from our planet. It will also shine about 30 percent brighter.

Deputy project scientist for NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter mission, Noah Petro, said seeing the moon just after sunset would be a romantic picture.

German science writer Daniel Fischer said the moon will look most super at midnight as its glow will be directly above.

He said, “As the moon arcs from the horizon to nearly overhead, its distance changes by a few thousand kilometers… This changes the disk’s apparent diameter by about 1 percent.”

The path of moon around the earth is elliptical and so when it is in its full phase at the nearest distance it looks bigger and brightest compared to when the full moon is at the farthest.

If the sky is not cloudy it is worth watching the moon tonight. However, Seattle’s weather forecast says the sky will be cloudy this week.

The next time the super size will appear in 2034.