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Taking a Fashion Tour of Madrid


Madrid, the Spanish capital, is famous for its incredible architecture even the train stations are amazing. Madrid Atocha station reflects the juxtaposition of Spanish style with a steel and glass construct lined with tropical gardens.

The city’s people and their fashion choices are just as diverse. The bohemian, flamboyant vibe we expect from Spain is evident and beautiful while a more pared down elegance is the choice of the more cosmopolitan part of the population.

Barcelona is usually the first Spanish choice for people wanting a city break but Madrid’s grandeur and diversity are just as compelling a choice for fashion lovers.

Calle de Preciados

This pedestrianised shopping street is at the very centre of Madrid. Locals consider it the best area for shops with high street brands and boutiques mingling with high end stores selling designer dresses and flattering wedding dresses. There is something for all tastes and budgets here though Zara, the queen bee of Spanish high street fashion is a must visit.

Las Rozas Shopping Village

Have a full day out shopping for bargains in this designer outlet destination, even for incredible value wedding dresses. Find over 100 top brand names including Calvin Klein and Armani. Designer dresses can be snapped up here for 60% off the normal price. Las Rozas is just outside Madrid and you will find plenty of public transport links from the city. Eat lovely Spanish food in pleasant surroundings after filling your bags full of designer loot.

El Rastro

El Rastro is on the Ribera de Curtidores and the streets surrounding it. This is Madrid’s oldest and largest flea market and is truly enormous. Soak up the bohemian style of the locals and find inspiration to inform your own outfits. The stalls here set up on Sunday mornings and bank holidays so plan your trip accordingly. Fashion, accessories and trendy homewares offer a vibrant day’s shopping. The market is full of colour and energy and will be a great place to pick up a unique piece of Spanish fashion, including wanting a wedding dress or even big name designers. Designer dresses are not the norm at El Rastro but you will find something just as special at a fraction of the price.


This iconic Spanish leather goods brand was set up in Madrid in 1846 by a group of leather craftsmen. No fashion orientated trip to the city would be complete without a trip to the flagship store Casa Loewe in the Old Town. The interior of the store is exquisite and the design was based on using natural materials native to Spain. Wander round the store feeling a little like you are trespassing in the apartment of an avid Loewe collector. Research your trip carefully to find city tours that allow you access to the design team and skilled craftsmen working for the brand.

Adolpho Dominguez

This Spanish designer’s store is full of classic, beautifully made fashion. His clothing speaks of the chic and elegant elements of Spanish fashion and is beloved of the professional ladies in the city. Dominguez, a Galician, is most famous for his exquisitely cut suits. If your office staples and work worthy designer dresses are in need of a refresh and a little Spanish flavour then this store should not be missed.

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

Her clothes are colourful, bright and bold. She represents the bohemian, quirky side of Spanish and possibly the one we most expect when shopping in Madrid. Ruiz de la Prada is a distinctive designer and one of her country’s most successful. The fun patterns make you smile and translate particularly well to children’s wear. Homeware has recently been added to the range so it’s easy to bring a little Spanish flair to your home too.