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Russian Plane Crash Was Not An Act Of Terrorism: Ministry


The plane crash into Black Sea is lately being defined as a pilot error or a technical fault, and not something related to terrorism as earlier thought of.

Russian Transport Minister said all the 92 onboard people including 8 crew members on the Tu-154 military plane are believed to be dead.

The plane crashed Sunday morning, just two minutes after taking off. It was carrying dozens of singers from Russian military choir, several journalists and a doctor to Syria’s coastal province of Latakia for its deployed army.

The search for bodies and debris of the plane is under progress by more than 3,000 rescue workers on 32 ships at the crash site at sea as well as along the shore.

Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov said terrorism is currently not the main theory and pilot error or possible technical fault is being looked for.

Former Russian air traffic controller Vitaly Andreyev said, “Possible malfunctions… certainly wouldn’t have prevented the crew from reporting them.”

The Russian plane originated from Moscow’s military airport of Chkalovsky. It had a refueling too stopping in Sochi on the way before heading to Syria.

The government said there is no need to heighten security measures at its airports.