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Rio Police On Strike Protesting Unpaid Wages, Chaos In City Feared


Unpaid wages have led to partial police shutdown in Brazilian capital Rio de Janeiro and this resulted with sparking fears of chaos.

The Rio state is nearly bankrupt and is unable to pay full wages to the police.

Police in Rio is classified as military and as per the country’s constitution they are not allowed to go on strike or demonstration.

To overcome not abiding the law and yet demonstrate, female relatives of the officers were seen blocking several police bases including the elite Shock Battalion.

No police personnel tried stopping them from doing so.

One of the females outside the 6th Battalion station said, “We’re demonstrating to demand police get their rights back, especially security, payment of salaries on time, and better equipment, not weapons that are out of order and cars that are not maintained.”

The woman added her husband died in 2016 while in duty.

More than three thousand officers have been killed in the city since 1994.

According to police authorities, the protesters have gathered outside 27 of the city’s 100 police stations.

Meanwhile, police spokesman Major Ivan Blaz said 95 percent of officers were working normal and Rio is very much secure.

About a week ago the neighboring state Espirito Santo saw a similar shut down and blocking of stations.