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Post Brexit Britain May Create 400,000 Jobs


United Kingdom has lately claimed to be creating about 400,000 jobs post-EU trade deals with other countries.

According to Change Britain, withdrawing from European Union bloc the country would be free to negotiate deals with countries like United States, Canada, China, India, Japan, Korea and some of the trading blocs in South East Asia and South America.

The pro-Brexit campaign group added the deals would bring about 23 billion pound export boost as well as 387,580 jobs to the country.

The Change Britain is pressing for hard Brexit and leaving EU means flexibility of negotiating the most beneficial trade arrangements with other countries from across the world.

Meanwhile, it is to note the EU struck free trade deals with Canada in 2016 and with South Korea in 2015. More negotiating agreements are in process with United States, India and Japan.

Labor MP Phil Wilson said leaving customs union may turn up to be advantages, but only in the long run. In short run there will be lot of extra bureaucracy.

Wilson is a supporter of Open Britain.

Professor of economics at King’s College London, Jonathan Portes, said the figures estimated by the Change Britain are completely fictional.