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Amedy Coulibaly caught criminal of Paris attack.


At Paris’ Kosher super market, four captives were killed by the gunman called Amedy Coulibaly, met police said to the news agency that “assailants  had a blueprint for the murder”, police discovered all the fineness brands weapons, which were kept in a suburban home, rented by the assailants, a week before the gunshot were made on the victims.

The capital police caught the  killers of the hostages, when they were given a general report which sanctioned the search of the house. The police was able to kill three of the attackers on the raid. The police informed the co-workers of the press that “there can be more Islamist terror, the six found assailants are just an examples”.

Christophe Crepin the French police union spokesman added by saying that ” country is in war, “we have lay our fingers on most dangerous men and women”.

Coulibaly the  criminal, rented the house weeks ago in the lane of the town of Gentilly located at the south Paris, the news paper La Parisien  revealed the news about the detectives of the Paris Criminal Brigade but the French police authorities denied to say about the redeems from the dwellings of the assailants.

Coulibaly is recognized as the fourth assailants , he was caught by the special police Anti- Terrorism force on a Scooter.Although the news paper did not recognize the man by the name but admitted that, he may have fired to a jogger close to location called Fontenay-aux-Roses resulting  the victims with  serious injuries in the first week of January 2015, on the same day 12 people were killed at their work place. The criminals were said to be friends of Coulibaly.

News agency says that Coulibaly has numerous criminal records; possibly he has escaped from Syria. Coulibaly measured 165 centimeter with well developed muscular physique, a regular member of the local gym the neighbors of assassinate added when enquired the reporters.

Ammunitions which were redeemed from the rented house of Coulibaly  were viz. rocket – push grenade launcher, a machine gun, smoke grenades, fragmentation grenades, hand guns,  industrial explosives and a model of Kalashnikov. Coulibaly was also involved in drugs trade, sold marijuana and hashish in the suburban lanes of Paris. Kouchi brothers  sold a cheap copy of popular product manufactured in china.

$7,000 loan was sanctioned to Coulibaly from  consumer loan company head quarter of northern France, investigators found out that Coulibaly has give some those money to his brother to buy the needs for the attack.