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Obama Urges World Leaders To Protect Nuclear Materials Getting Into Hands Of Terror Groups


United States President Barack Obama said Friday madmen should not get hands on a radioactive bomb or a nuclear weapon.

Obama was speaking at a nuclear security summit in Washington saying if the madmen from groups like Islamic State ever get hands on such materials would certainly use to kill as many people as possible and the would would change thereafter.

Urging to more than fifty world leaders for his fourth and final nuclear summit the president added they need to do more to safeguard nuclear facilities though no terror group has succeeded until now in obtaining the bomb material, but the al Qaeda group had long sought those.

Citing actions of Islamic State in the recent attacks in Brussels and Paris he raised concerns.

Obama said the nuclear defiance of North Korea is also high on the agenda how to lock down vulnerable atomic materials to prevent from nuclear terrorism.

Obama is left with less than ten months in the office.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin has boycotted the US-dominated summit amid increased tension between the two countries over Syria and Ukraine very recently and this doubts the meeting would yield any major decisions.

Obama said, “Our nations have made it harder for terrorists to get their hands on nuclear materials. We have measurably reduced the risks.”