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Obama To Make Historic Visit To Cold War Rival Cuba


United States President Barack Obama is to make a historic visit to Cold War rival Cuba in coming weeks. Details of the trip are yet to be announced as it will be part of a larger tour of Latin America.

Normalizing the relationships between the two nations was announced by Cuban President Raul Castro in December 2014 and Obama said two months ago about considering a visit to the country that has broken ties with the US for decades.

The two leaders met in Panama in April 2015.

United States had cut diplomatic relations with Cuba in 1961 after Castro’s brother Fidel Castro seized power. Since then this will be the first official meeting of leaders of the two countries. Calvin Coolidge was the last sitting president to visit the country.

Meanwhile, Sen Marco Rubio of Florida, criticized Obama’s plan of calling Castro’s government as anti-American communist dictatorship at a Republican presidential campaign forum in Greenville on Wednesday night.

When Rubio was asked whether he would ever visit the island as president, he said “Not if it’s not a free Cuba.”

Rubio’s parents immigrated to the US from Cuba in 1956.

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas said he would never visit Cuba until Castro is removed from power.

Cruz’s father was born in Cuba.