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Leo Varadkar Becomes First Gay Prime Minister Of Ireland


Leo Varadkar is the new prime minister of Ireland and took oath on Wednesday. He is the openly gay man elected in the country where homosexuality was not legal 24 years ago.

The 38-year-old is leader of the ruling Fine Gael party and the biracial son of Indian immigrant father and Irish mother.

Varadkar delivered his speech to Parliament earlier today and also received his seal of office from President Michael D. Higgins.

He addressed to the members of parliament saying, “The government that I lead will not one of left or right, because those old divisions don’t comprehend the political challenges of today.”

He added the new government will become a new European center where they will try to build a republic of opportunity in which everyone will be having a fair go.

Even though the voters were not obsessed about him being a gay and nor about his racial origins, a significant debate has kicked off. The Guardian’s Henry McDonald said, “Some people label him a Thatcherite… They think he’s a kind of a son of Margaret Thatcher, the British prime minister — right of center, very pro-free market, you know, in the style of Thatcher and Ronald Reagan.”

Varadkar predecessor Enda Kenny lauded him on the occasion saying he represents a modern Ireland.