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Know Some Details About Kundalini Yoga Courses In India


If you know little about yoga, you may be knowing Kundalini is a very powerful yoga practice. It is said the Kundalini yoga is done to tame the Kundalini Shakti, which means taming of the serpent power in humans that lye dormant.

Kundalini yoga courses in India teaches how to practice the correct form of the technique. It is done by focusing on the pranayama and the several stages of breathing techniques as well as breath control.

About the power of serpent it is said to lye at the bottom of our spinal cord, the place where Mooladhara Chakra lies. By practicing the Kundalini yoga the nadis, ida and pingala are purified and this further balances the energies that is attained through the sushumna nade, which is also called as the third nadi. All these results with the awakening of the upper chakras, the Mnipuraka, Ajna, Visudhi, Anahata as well as the Swadhishtana and Mooldhara to bring power of consciousness to the upper cerebrum, also known as the Sahasrara Chakra.

When one reaches the state of consciousness with the help of Kundalini yoga, he or she enjoys the bliss, which is compared to the Samadhi in Ashtanga yoga. In Indian tradition it is believed the Divine Mother meets Lord Shiva when the art reaches the Sahasrara.

With the help of regular and intensive practice of the Kundalini yoga it is said one can control the prana, which is the subtle energy in our body.

In India there are many intensive yoga teacher training courses available at ashrams and centers that teaches Kundalini yoga by authorized, well qualified and most experienced yoga teachers or yogis.

There are many benefits if one practices Kundalini yoga. Few of those are as detailed below:

• Kundalini yoga helps in controlling the mind with conscious breathing.
• With the intensive practice of Kundalini yoga one can experience conscious breathing.
• The kundalini yoga brings physical as well as mental well being through different pranayama.
• It helps in experiencing the calmness of mind by channelizing the nadis.
• It definitely helps in the improvement of power and self confidence.
• The Kundalini yoga is also said to give magnetism and charisma to one who practices the art.
• The yoga even open up the subtle channel for the good flow of prana.
• The Kundalini yoga helps in the cleaning of our nervous system.
• Apart from all these, the yoga technique helps in overall well being.

There are different Asanas to be followed in Kundalini yoga. Below is the list of it:

• Sukhasana
• Siddhasana
• Padmasana
• Vajrasana
• Virasana
• Navasana
• Bhujangasana
• Namaskarasana