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How To Prepare From Storm


Don’t wait for another damage to take place due to natural disaster. There are ways how you can prepare yourself and prevent your belongings.

UAB Public Health expert Dr. Lisa McCormick has some suggestions for tropical storm preparedness.

She said, “We think, if it happens it won’t be so bad for me.”

She added one should know what to do before the storm, during the storm and even after the storm is over.

Storm brings immense damage and FDA recommends to keep freezing containers or just jugs of water so that you can keep the perishable foods cold. You can store fish, meat and poultry easily.

If the power goes off you can transfer ice to a cooler to keep food safe.

It is important to stock up bottled water if you have elderly, toddlers or infants at home. Don’t forget to mix it with powdered formula if you are feeding to your baby and also to clean hands with soap or sanitizer.

It is also suggested to keep medications in a zip lock bag. Take note that the pharmacy too can be without electricity and so it means no refills for you.

McCormick further continued, “It can become a crisis for your family. Make sure you have everything on hand that you think that you are going to need.”