Home Health How To Improve Your Mental Or Emotional Health (Part II)

How To Improve Your Mental Or Emotional Health (Part II)


How To Improve Your Mental Or Emotional Health (Part I)

Consider below recommendations:

– Follow good nutrition.
– Get enough rest.
– Relieve stress by exercising.
– Improve mood too by exercising.
– 15 minutes of sunlight is important to get every day.
– Avoid cigarettes, drugs and alcohol.

How to take care of yourself

Always try to pay attention to your needs. This will help in strengthening your mental and emotional health. Balance between doing daily responsibility and the things than gives you some enjoyment. All these will reduce stress and will not build up negative emotions in you. Prepare yourself to deal with challenges.

– Always try to do such things that leave positive impact on others.
– Practice self-discipline.
– Enjoy beauty of art or nature.
– Learn how to discover new things.
– Do yoga or meditation to reduce stress levels.
– Try to overcome unhealthy habits like worrying for something.

Build supportive relationships

This is true as we are social creatures and should always try to build supportive relationships. Finding social interaction is important and be in company of those who is a good listener.

How to connect to other people

– Move away from TV or computer.
– Spend some time with others, face-to-face.
– Try to do something that is a help to other people.
– Join conservation, social action, special interest groups.

Additional resources

Try to read books related to mental health and yoga or meditation. This will indulge you into an habit of taking care of your mood.