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Homophobics Often Have Psychological Issues: Study


A new study conducted by researchers at University of Rome reveals those who express homophobic attitudes are found to be having levels of aggression, anger and physical hostility.

The study was led by Professor Emmanuele Jannini and details of it are published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. The article is titled as “Psychoticism, Immature Defense Mechanisms and a Fearful Attachment Style are Associated with a Higher Homophobic Attitude.”

It is found individuals having high negativity towards gays have increased levels of coping mechanisms and psychoticism, and these are not appropriate if the same is compared to those who accept homosexuality.

However, the researchers have warned too that their study does not mean homophobic people are psychotic.

Jannini said their study has opened up a new research avenue and it is to consider the real disease is homophobia.

In earlier studies the homophobia was considered as complex subject and suggested those with high negative reactions to homosexuals in fact showed sometimes the desire of same sex behaviors themselves.

Some of the earlier researchers also suggested such people are in fact averse to same-sex attraction.

The poor thing about such people is that their mental health are always overlooked.

Jannini is planning to expand his research further in coming months and he will be focusing mainly on the homophobic male subjects.