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Fried Potatoes Intake Increases Risk Of Mortality: Study


Eating fried potatoes at least twice a week increases the risk of early death compared to those who avoid such food, writes a recent study in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

The study was conducted by scientist Nicola Veronese at the National Research Council in Padova, Italy.

Associate professor at the Institute of Environmental Medicine, Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, Susanna Larsson, said fried potato consumption indicates a less healthy dietary pattern and this is associated with increased mortality rate.

Larsson was not involved in the latest study, but her earlier study didn’t find increased risk of cardiovascular disease linked to potatoes.

When starchy foods like potatos are fried at high temperature it produces a chemical product called Acrylamide.

It is suggested to decrease the intake of fried potatoes and replace it with boiled or steamed starchy foods.

It is to note the darker the food, the more acrylamide forms on it. So it is better to go lighter.

Health experts points potatoes should not be stored in refrigerator as more acrylamide could be produced when cooked later.

The healthier alternative is to increase the intake of fruits and vegetables.

The researchers conclude their new study may suggest people to eat less of fried potatoes to avoid risk of early mortality and the consumption of potatoes to be strongly limited.