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Earth Was Hit By Space Rock 56 Million Years Ago That Caused Warming: Study


In a new study researchers have found a space rock or a comet had smashed into our planet some 56 million years ago and this could have set off a massive warming.

Backed by evidence, the scientists argue about 56 million years ago the Earth warmed by about 9 to 14 degrees before returning back to normal.

The phenomenon took place for about 100,000 years time period and it resulted with extinctions of some and rise of mammals.

Details of the study are published in the Science journal suggesting a link to a cosmic crash.

The article reveals Earth started getting hotter then when smash of space object sent debris flying around North America or maybe around the world.

The research is based on an examination of soil cores in New Jersey and Florida. However, the researchers didn’t find the comet or space rock.

Lead author of the study, Morgan Schaller, said the crash may not have caused the massive carbon jump, but the timing is awfully suspicious.

Schaler is from Earth Institute. He added, “We’re saying this is really a remarkable coincidence… We need to look into this much more closely.”