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e-Cigarettes 95% Less Harmful Than Traditional Cigarettes: Study


In a new study vaping has not been found leading to smoking and also it is 95 percent less harmful to health compared to the tobacco products. It does not contain those chemicals that cause smoking-related diseases.

However, apart from being so safe, e-cigarette is not prescribed by GPS and other health service providers in the treatment of stop-smoking. This reason behind this is that no e-cigarette brand has been given license for medicinal use even though the overall evidence points it is helpful to people in giving up traditional smoking.

According to a data revealed by Professor Linda Bauld from Cancer Research UK, there are 2.6 million people in the UK who have quit the traditional smoking and has taken up vaping e-cigarette.

Bauld is an expert in cancer prevention.

Cherry Jones, Director of public health, said the findings in the new study are a good welcome as even though it is not completely risk-free, but it is way less harmful than traditional smoking.

Meanwhile, there have been laws and regulations to either ban or restrict smoking e-cigarette in public spaces.

One another study in the US some students from California high school claims e-cigarettes also lead to trying traditional cigarettes or cigars.

In England the claim is different and is said smoking has declined over the last decades and there are now left more than 8 million of smokers.