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Don’t Want War With North Korea, But Patience Has Limit: USA


Patience of United States is not unlimited and the country is currently not looking for any war, said US envoy to the United Nations in an emergency meeting of the Security Council in New York referring the latest and most powerful nuclear bomb test by North Korea that is believed to be three times size of the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima in 1945.

Meanwhile, it is learned White House will place a new UN resolution soon to make existing sanctions on North Korea further tough.

China on the other hand has called for negotiations once again being primary ally of North Korea and Switzerland may mediate it.

South Korea on its part is conducting live-fire naval drills lately as a warning to the northern neighbor not to provoke or else immediate action would take place and bury the country into sea.

Just a day before military of South Korea stimulated a missile attack on the nuclear test site of its sibling.

If believed to updated report the North may be preparing for one more test missile launch.

The nuclear bomb tested on Sunday is said to have a power range between 50 kilotonnes to 120 kilotonnes and if referred to the Hiroshima bomb a 50 kilotonnes mean three times the size, which means far more destruction than what the world saw in 1945.

Japan said mass evacuation of about 60,000 of its people in South Korea will take place in the event of war.