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China Launches Largest Telescope To Study Universe Better


China is trying to better understand the cosmos, to better find the origins of cosmos, and also to find extraterrestrial life.

The country has begun with the testing of its Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST), which is considered as the largest radio telescope in the world.

In the next three years the Chinese scientists will be testing, tuning and calibrating the dish. Until now it has made one discovery. It has been able to detect radio signals from a pulsar about 1,351-light-years away.

FAST spans 1,640-feet and the combined area of it is about the size of 450 basketball courts. It shows the growing ambition of China to become space superpower.

Chinese state broadcaster Dr Qian said, “The ultimate goal of FAST is to discover the laws of the development of the universe.”

Talking to the CCTV he added if civilization exists in outer space they will be able to receive similar signal that is sent.

FAST is equipped with 4,450 panels and is like a sensitive ear to listen and tell meaningful radio messages.

It is expected the telescope would discover thousands of pulsars, which can serve as high-precision clocks to reveal gravitational waves from black holes.

The country hopes to use FAST in search for signs of alien life.