Home Breaking News Charlie’s cartoons causes 48 hours battle in Nigeria,10 deaths.

Charlie’s cartoons causes 48 hours battle in Nigeria,10 deaths.


Protest around different parts of the world has started, against Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons of Prophet Muhammad , many were injured and five  killed in the protest of Nigeria. The news officials said 48 hours violence continued, taking 10 lives by Saturday.

Met spokesperson said, young Muslim protesters  looted the shops and set the Church on fire  in Niamey on  17 January ,  the protesting crowds  threw stones on the police, burnt their cars, attacked the police stations, to take situation under control police fired tear gas against the protester, Muslim leaders  called the meeting dismissed  due to Clash.

Amadou Abdoul Ouahab, part taker of the demonstration  said he was heartbroken, seeing Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons insulting Prophet Mohammad.

The five killed people were nonmilitant, mercilessly burned inside the churches; to punish the wrongdoer President Mahamadou Issoufou ordered an investigation to find out the liable.

He added, the destroyers of religious sites and  dis-respecters of it, killers of  fellow Christian citizens of same country does not know anything about Islam.

The Nigerian president finally said, he assumes the pain felt by the Muslims on caricatures of Prophet Mohammad, freedom of expression should not cross the limits that it taunt religious beliefs.

The killing of twelve people took place in Paris last week, as Mass of Muslims were angered by the caricatures of their Holy Prophet Muhammad, For the Killed victims of Paris the Nigerian president joined the March near the French president Hollande in Paris. Chief aim of Issoufou for the Paris march was to  exclusively support Anti-terrorism

Authorities on Saturday banned the march but opposition leaders said they would proceed anyway. Still there lies the chance for conflict in the capital Niamey,  banned meeting of the opposition leaders will be recalled soon.

Destruction  took place  in the   eastern parts of Niamey, where residence of Foreign Minister and two other churches were burnt. The Nigerian country practices secularism  with 17 million Muslim populations.


The uncompromising Muslims has called  the protest; presence of Sufi moderates in Nigeria has controlled revolt but was panicked by the destruction caused by its fellow citizen in the neighbors.

The second week publication of Charlie Hebdo’s Caricatures with image of Prophet Muhammad on the chief page addressing the massacre, made the Islam extremist more adamant, resulting in the repetition of outrageous destruction in Pakistan, Algeria and Niger on 16 January.


The French committee stopped its citizens for outing; four of the Muslim leaders who assembled the meeting in Niamey were arrested. The attack in Nigeria was convicted by Laurent Fabious, French foreign minister. French committee unified for the victims in Nigeria.

The fifth dead  body was discovered by the emergency services, burned body inner a catholic Church, the attack killed a police, three civilians, christen houses were smashed and grasped.