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Buhari Restricts Visits Of Ministers, Officials In London; Urges To Seek Acting President

Yemi Osinbajo

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari is learned resisting the attempts of ministers and officials to undermine Acting President Yemi Osinbajo.

Buhari is currently in London on a health checkup visit.

He also rejected to sign of files brought by officials in London and asked to move to the Acting President Osinbajo, said representative.

However, he met First Lady Aisha contrary to social media reports.

According to sources, Buhari said his administration runs one Presidency and currently Osinbajo is holding power and division to it will not be tolerated. He has directed all documents and files to be moved to Acting President for approval.

One of the delegations is reported had been to the Acting President to get signed the 2017 Budget after returning from London for the same purpose.

The source added, “The President gave stern instructions that all files, documents and issues needing decisions should be taken to the Acting President. He does not want a divided government. Buhari is living up to his Spartan discipline.”

It is also learned those who had earlier visited Buhari in London spread false information about his health after returning to Nigeria. This is the reason the visiting has been restricted to only three aides currently. Even ministers and officials are not allowed to meet the president in London.

Returning from London, Buhari’s wife the president has thanked Osinbajo for his loyalty and urged people to support his work.