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Rough weather caused plane’s disaster.


Divers off the Indonesian coast redeemed the flight recorder from the doomed Air Asia jet. On Monday and tried to remove a second data-filled device from the wreckage of the plane, which went down last month with 162 people traveling. The flight recorder has been recovered from the doomed Air Asia on Monday by the Indonesian coast divers, they  are trying to find second data file from the wreckage air plane, more question have been raised towards the investigators seeking  the report for the Air Asia plane crash of 28th December.

The plane disappeared minutes after the pilot had asked for permission, to climb up to a higher altitude in an apparent attempt to bypass, rough weather while en- route to Singapore.

Minute after the permission was  granted to  the pilot, he  climbed quickly to a  higher altitude, in order to bypass risky weather  condition in the air, soon the plane was found lost, with  no signal reaching  to the air traffic control room ,  finally after going through many discoveries, the plane was found to be in a wreckage condition, settled  about hundred  feet down in the java sea. Weeks of heavy rain and storm disturbed the rescue team to relocate the wreckage Air Asia plane.

Weeks of research in the unfavorable weather conditions had finally resulted in finding out the much awaited and so called black box. But  the device was found with minor torn conditions, crews had to use balloons to raise the section of the site. The operation coordinator for Indonesian’s National Research and Rescue Agency Suryadi Bambang, said that “the flight data have been found beneath a piece of plane’s wing, with the other devices, the cockpit voice recorder and remained pinned”. The met officials said that the found flight data recorder will be analyzed in Jakarta minimum  fourteen days  are required to fully download and analyze the information.


Previous review of radar tracking information led some experts to theorize, that the plane could have stalled during a steep climb, led by the review of radar tracking information. Most of the bodies remain sunken amid the wreckage plane; altogether only 48 bodies have been recovered. But investigators believe many remain trapped amid the sunken wreckage.