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Armed Forces Used Rape Weapon During CAR Conflict: Report


Sexual slavery and rape has been a tactic of war by armed forces in Central African Republic (CAR) during the five years of conflict, revealed a report released by Human Rights Watch lately.

In the 176-page report it is learned that in most of the cases the commanders tolerated such violence by their forces while in some they either ordered for the same or committed the act themselves.

The report is titled as “‘They Said We Are Their Slaves,’ Sexual Violence by Armed Groups in the Central African Republic.”

The conflict between predominantly Muslim Seleka and anti-balaka, largely Christian and animist militia, started early 2013 and continued till mid of this year. Both sides used sexual violence as revenge.

Women’s rights researcher at Human Rights Watch, Hillary Margolis, said the forces used rape in a brutal way to punish the women and girls and the survivors live with the rape, knowing the attackers are walking free.

About 300 rape and sexual slavery women and girls were interviewed by the international group and found 52 of them were girls when the act was conducted.

Even though the abuses are considered as war crimes, but till date not a single member of any armed group has been arrested and tried.

It is also learned from some of the survivors that they were raped by about 10 or more men during a single incident.